Are you a person or small company who does customised ribbonz printing?

Would you like to join our network and benefit from the support of an established brand?

Would you like to get more exposure but still run your own shop?

Ribbonz is launching a platform to assist and empower small businesses and hobby-enthusiasts to sell their personalised ribbonz.

Ribbonz SA was established in 2008, originally called ‘For Shirts and Giggles’.  This company did customised printing of various items such a mugs, t-shirts, coasters and so on.  Printing on ribbonz was unheard of in the day – especially in small quantities.  In around 2010 the owner decided to evaluate the market for personalised ribbonz printing and Ribbonz SA was officially established in 2014.

Being the first in its kind – and accessible to the general public – Ribbonz SA built up a reputation as Top Professional Printer for many small and large businesses in South Africa.  Because of it’s ‘No minimum quantities’ policy, hobbyists and individuals are able to order their own personalised ribbons at an affordable price.  Ribbonz are applied to various special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Christenings, memorial services, awareness campaigns all the way through to clothing labels for children and the elderly.

In the past few years ribbon printing machines have become more affordable and many entrepreneurs have jumped at the opportunity to print customised ribbonz.  Social media is flooded with ribbon printers jumping out of the woodwork – which often leads to confusion for the client.  Not all of them provide good service or products, so it is hard to compete.

The founder of Ribbonz SA, Loraine, has thought it a good idea to open Ribbonz SA’s doors to the entrepreneurs doing their own personalised printing.  Instead of having so many competitors fighting for the clients’ attention, Ribbonz SA aims to consolidate these competitors in offering them a fair, respectful and professional platform in which they can work together to see to the needs of potential clients.

Not only will they be able to conduct their business as independent contractors (i.e., they will still operate as they were with their own suppliers, processes and products) but they will have a platform in which they are able to outsource clients or gain clients from other printers who are unable to assist their clients and need to outsource.

Furthermore, Ribbonz SA will gladly assist these contractors by offering advice based on our experience in the ribbon printing industry.

Lastly, by joining this platform, members will be able to avoid having to drop their pricing in order to accommodate a competitor’s price.  Clients always shop for the best bargain – and right fully so – but at Ribbonz we’ve experienced that often clients will play ribbon printers (or their prices) off against each other.  When this happens the ribbon printer might agree to lower pricing (sacrifice their profits) in order to ensure the transaction.  Although there is nothing wrong with that – especially since we live in an economically free country where competition is encouraged – we find that ribbon printers are suffering when they already need to work with a small profit margin.  Soon they will be out of business.

With this platform the selling prince of all the ribbonz will be set upfront by the Ribbonz associates and reviewed annually.  Ribbonz contractors will be required to stick to this pricing as a ‘recommended selling price’.  This ensures the integrity of the business situation as a whole and will give the contractors their bargaining power back.

This concept is also better for clients as they know they are working with an established, professional brand and that the printers have all been endorsed for providing professional products and services.

Members will also benefit from Ribbonz SA’s national campaigns – Christmas Specials, for example – which is done based on a client membership base of approximately 3000 people – both individuals and corporates.

Please feel free to contact Loraine on for any questions.  Because this is a new concept it is open to adjustments in order to benefit the ribbon printers as much as it can.

Membership options

Ribbonz SA Member

Person or company will be a part of the Ribbonz team and will receive the following benefits and services:

  1. Ribbonz Email address
  2. Ribbonz invoicing system (excel)
  3. Profile page on where their own printing can be shown.  Alternatively ribbonz can provide some images
  4. Be included in the secret Ribbonz group exclusive to printers where we can discuss issues, suggestions, opportunities etc.  It is also in this group where you can outsource contracts or pick up business from other printers

Members will have to abide by the following rules in order to maintain the integrity of the group:

  1. Selling price of ribbonz will be set upfront, with the input of all members. There will be a pricing option for both smaller quantities and discounted for bigger quantities. Ribbonz will lay out the suggested pricing and members can discuss to finalise.  All members are required to stay witin the paramenters in order to be fair and professional towards other printers.
  2. Members can source their ribbonz and foils from where ever they choose.  They can discuss suppliers in the secret group, if they wish to do so, in order to make the business more profitable for everyone.
  3. Members will be required to use the branded ribbonz invoicing system and according to the guidelines laid out – i.e. time frames, courier options etc.
  4. Members may use their own couriers but must have a standard courier fee in line with their location.

Listing as non-member

Should you feel that you are not comfortable with the above rules, but would still like to benefit from the association with Ribbonz SA, you may be listed as approved ribbon printer on the Ribbonz website.  You will not receive an email address, page or invoicing system, but you will have a full profile with photos, contact information and link to your own website or facebook page.

This listing will purely be an advertising opportunity for you, no strings attached.